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Specials and Coupons

New at Coventina…Sticks and Stones

Try a hot stone pedicure.  This service combines the classic nail treatments that you love in our pedicure with the hot stone massage.  After soaking in the warm water, your feet will be wrapped in warm towels while a special gel works to remove those winter calluses.  Next, hot stones are incorporated into a foot and lower leg massage. Then we finish with a pretty polish.  Book a hot stone pedi in April and save $5.

Stick and Stone Massage. This exciting variation on the hot stone massage uses a new tool that rolls across your body, working out the knots and providing complete relaxation.  Want to give it a try?  Add a 20 minute stick and stone massage to your favorite massage, or book a 60 minute treatment.  All Stick and Stone services are discounted 20% this month. Expires 4/30/17


April Showers? Save $10 on our Shower.

The Vichey shower is unlike any other piece of spa equipment.  Think of 8 shower heads raining water on your  body while you are lounging on a comfy table.  Our scrubs begin with an exfoliating treatment from our friends at Farmhouse Fresh, which “scrubs” away skin cells and invigorates your skin.  Then comes the rain  with a hydro massage.  Your service ends with a lotion application and light massage.  All scrubs are $10 off in April.  You will love this service.

A few of our favorites –

Save $15 on the Acne facial this month.

Get your stamps on – book a gel manicure and get a complimentary nail art stamp.  Looking for something more traditional? Add French polish instead. This special is for fingers only!

Lovely Lashes – invest in long beautiful lashes for the summer.  We provide the Liquifan eyelash extension system here at Coventina. First time users will get a full application for just $150 this month, plus your first fill is just $25.  If you have used another system in the past you will be amazed at the length and fullness of Liquifan lashes. Call for more information        Expires 4/30/17